Tools For Hunting, Survival, And Outdoors

3D Printed Tools for Hunting, Survival, and Outdoors

3D printing is known for its immense versatility. It enables users to apply this technology and create a variety of objects. 3D printing allows creators to prototype all kinds of models with the help of CAD software. The filaments that can be used range from plastic to nylon; from resins to titanium, and many more. A 3D printer is one of the most versatile tools for survival. Preppers and survivalists can instantly create devices that are both functional and inexpensive. This nifty technology can be leveraged to create designs for everything; from 3D printed tools to prosthesis, and even outdoors survival equipment. These models can be found for free on open-source online repositories like

3D printing presents endless model creation possibilities for hunting, survival, and outdoors enthusiasts. With enough designing skills, users can even create their own gear. If not, hundreds of excellent designs are one online search away. There are plenty of pen-source sites that feature free ready to print designs. It can also be convenient for fixing and extending the longevity of the gear. Instead of ordering online and waiting for weeks for parts, they can be printed right in your maker space.


If you are survival, hunting, or outdoors enthusiast, you will often find yourself in situations where you have a broken tool or an accessory. It could be a buckle, or a zipper pull, or something that can make your equipment useless. With a 3D printer at home, instead of discarding that item, you can easily print the replacement part and make a quick fix. On top of that, 3D printing can take your accessories game to a whole new level. You can create custom attachments for your gear, that are not even commercially available.

Here is a list of just a few hunting, survival, and outdoors items that you can print with a 3D printer.


With the help of free models, you can print fly fishing reels. These reels can be attached to a stick or a trekking pole. These lightweight fishing reels are a great tool to have, especially in survival situations. Not just that, you can also print custom lures to go along your 3D printed fishing reel.

3D Printed Tools
Fly Fishing Reel
by sthone


Not a replacement for the climbing carabiners, these carabiners are excellent 3D printed tools. They have plenty of uses when you are in the outdoors, hunting, or in a survival situation. They can be used to hang bear bags, lamps, or attach other items to your backpack.


Backpack buckles are usually quick to break or get lost, while you are on a trail. Having 3D printed replacement buckles for your equipment can come in handy when you lose or break one in the backwoods.


These are small but handy 3D printed tools, that can be used for keeping tents, tarp ropes, and clotheslines tight. Additionally, you can print them with glow in the dark filament to add visibility during the night.



There are several 3D printed urban survival kits available that can be useful in different survival situations. Their multi-tool base usually contains items like jigsaw blades, reciprocating saw blades, glass breaking tool, and box cutter.

D Printed Survival Kit V1.2
by MrCre8ive


Oftentimes with lightweight fuel cans and stoves, there are no stabilizing legs. This can make placing them on uneven surfaces trickier. With a 3D printer, you can print lightweight custom legs to keep it stabilized, no matter the terrain.


Breaking or losing a tent peg or stake while you are in the backwoods could ruin your camping experience. These 3D printed tools can easily be printed as lightweight spares. The glow in the dark filament can also come in handy when printing these items.


These bracelets can help you store paracord for when you need it in any outdoors survival situation. As cordage has a variety of lifesaving uses in such conditions, survival bracelets are an excellent accessory that you can 3D print as well. These printable clip set makes carrying around extra paracord much easier.

3d printed tools
Survival Bracelet
by henryarnold


Excellent for saving space, these functional cutlery sets are brilliant 3D printed tools. They are smart enough to fit in your purse. They are inexpensive and easy to print quickly.


Water is a necessity, and it is essential for survival. Instead of commercial water filters, you can 3D print water filters. For example, this 3-stage water filter. The first stage removes the sediments, the second stage removes impurities and some of the pathogens, and the third stage removes the rest. These parts can be easily glued together for assembly.

Camping/Survival Water Filter
Camping/Survival Water Filter


Whether you are in a survival situation, or need to make noise, or send a signal –you can print 3D whistles as well. Like this model, you can also have five feet of parachute cord, which is woven into a key fob using a 24 mm split ring and the whistle eyelet. It makes this whistle an excellent multifunctional tool.


An AM radio is a fantastic functional gadget that you can also 3D print. Like this particular model, which is inspired by the crystal and foxhole radios of the early 1900s. It has a simple design that makes the printing and assembly of the parts more manageable.

AM Radio That Works!
by 3DSage


Although the functionality of this bow is debatable, it can be printed using a 3D printer. This survival compound bow model can use improvements, but it can be updated into a practical tool for hunting and survival.


Although printing 3D guns is a bit of a controversial subject, 3D printed gunsmithing tools are perfectly fine. Having access to 3D printing technology at home can help you make your own parts, efficiently and inexpensively. Although there are certainly some limitations, these machines offer significant advantages. Here are a few of the gunsmithing tools that can be 3D printed using these open-source models.

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