8 Reasons To Have A 3D Printer At Home

8 Reasons Why You Should Have a 3D Printer For Home

3D printing has been witnessing a boom in popularity over the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been in the spotlight, as it offered versatile solutions to many issues, helping healthcare professionals in the fight against the virus. 3D printer manufacturers of all levels, from individuals to large firms such as HP and Dremel, are utilizing 3D printing. They are designing, creating, and distributing PPE gear like face shields, ear saver clips for masks, and contactless door handle accessories to assist people in staying safe during these trying times. 3D printers are incredibly multipurpose, and their utility is not limited. This article will discuss the reasons why you should have a 3d printer for home.

3D Printer For Home
3D Printer For Home


With the help of a 3D printer, you can make learning enjoyable and exciting for your kids. It will add a new dimension to learning, which will engage your children. There are several items that you can print with your kids as a part of fun family projects to make their learning experience much more effective and enjoyable. You can print informative models that exemplify concepts like planets or parts of atoms. Printing 3D models of what they are studying in school can help them develop a deeper understanding. For assignments or homeschooling sessions, producing 3D objects can make it easier for children to grasp concepts.

Introducing a 3D printer in the learning process will spark curiosity and inspire the kids to discover new aspects. It can significantly improve their science subject knowledge and imagination. Your children can easily create their designs, and then give those ideas a 3D form if you have a 3d printer for home.



Instead of toiling away, working a second job to earn extra cash, a 3D printer presents an exciting prospect. Not only do you stand to save money, but you can also set up a steady stream of revenue using a 3D printer. There are a lot of opportunities, such as processing online orders for 3D prints. If you hon your 3D printing skills further, you can enroll in services like 3Dhubs to get access to online 3D printing projects. You can also create and sell 3D art pieces, designs, make tutorials, and teach online on platforms like Udemy and SkillShare.


Once you learn how to operate and print items with a 3D printer correctly, you can start saving money by printing inexpensive models of things instead of buying them. There are no limitations to what you can create 3D printed models of, from paper towels and wire holders to smartphone accessories like cases, safety razors to shower curtain rings, at a fraction of the cost. Not only can a 3d printer for home reduce the household expenses, but you can also add the custom touch.


You can also prolong the durability of appliances and furniture at home, using 3D printed parts. Doing this saves you the trouble of finding and waiting patiently for parts to arrive if they even are available in the first place. By making custom replacements, you can promptly fix and replace any damaged parts, without having to wait.


Instead of buying a generic, mass-produced gift for a loved one on their special day or an occasion, why not print a customized 3D printed piece for them? Not only does a 3D printer allow you to add a personal touch to existing models, but you can also make incredibly personalized models. Depending on your level of expertise, with a 3d printer for home, you can add a custom flair to existing designs; you can also build one from scratch.

3D Printer For Home
Best 3D Printer For Home


More often than not, orders for parts of different household items take a lot of time to deliver. Among the various advantages of owning a 3D printer is the rate with which you can churn out a 3D print of the required item. As opposed to waiting for weeks, you can have the piece ready, install, or add within hours.


When they say that your imagination is your only limitation in 3D printing, it is not far from the truth. There is an entirely new universe of 3D printing, ready to be explored. The versatility and ease of design and print items are merely unparalleled to any other technology. From lunar phase clocks to robotic arms, Arduino microchips can bring the prints to life. Raspberry Pi and other single board computers allow you to create functional robots and devices. There is something for everyone in 3D printing, whether you are tech-savvy or not. That is why having a 3d printer for home is a great idea.


Many production facilities have also adopted this technology as a cost-saving measure; however, the cost-cutting reflects an improved and sustainable economy. The customers can locally print products that used to be sent around the world. It does not just save money but also decreases fuel emissions.


Another advantage of having a 3D printing is that the components you are printing will utilize just the required amount of material. It reduces the amount of waste produced in traditional manufacturing processes. Even in case of a failure, tab printed material can be recycled and reused with a filament recycler. The ability to recycle waste minimizes the foot-print left significantly, making 3D printing environmentally sustainable.


3D printing is rightfully called the future as this technology is witnessing applications in vast fields of science and life, from printing houses to vegan meat, from printing metallic parts to limbs and organs. As technology continues to evolve, designing and printing 3D models now will prepare you and your family for the future. Every walk of life is set to benefit from the advancements in this field. You can be a part of this revolution and be well prepared for the future.

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