Some Ideas For Halloween

Spooky season is here again, or perhaps for you, it never left? With Halloween, there are three essentials you need to cover: A good costume, a scary house, and lots of candy! To help you with the first item, we’ve gathered the following projects for 3D printing masks, props, and accessories, to help you make an impressive costume!

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But it’s already Spooktober, so let’s get straight to the list!



Even though when you trick-or-treat you ultimately want candy, the tricking is also part of the fun. Sometimes you want to go in a cute or funny costume, but most times, you just want to be able to give people a good scare and then have a laugh about it. Here are five prints that will help you achieve that chilling look!

Smiley Horror Mask

A scary mask can be enough to make a costume
A scary mask can be enough to make a costume (Source: fredsena via MyMiniFactory)

As the name suggests, this mask’s terrifying. It’s based on a film called Smiley (2012), but even if you haven’t seen it, the mask is horrifying and generic enough that you can use it on Halloween regardless.

To add to the scary factor, the eyes and smile are textured so they look like they were sewn together, and the mask has holes on the sides to attach a string so you can easily wear it.

  • Who designed it? fredsena
  • How printable/popular is it? This model has been downloaded 905 times, and it has one shared community print. The author recommends to print it at 0.2 mm layer height with 10% infill.
  • Where to find it? MyMiniFactory

Low-Poly Mask

Easy to print and unsettling to see!
Easy to print and unsettling to see! (Source: scottmi via Thingiverse)

There are many low-poly masks available out there, but this model is the most popular, and it has bigger holes for the nose and mouth so you can breathe easily in it. It must definitely be unsettling to see someone wearing it, and according to the author, it was even spotted in an episode of the TV show The Flash!

  • Who designed it? cporto
  • How printable/popular is it? This model has 75 Makes and 6 Remixes. It doesn’t require supports and you can print it with 15% infill.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

Demon Baby

An interesting pregnancy
An interesting pregnancy (Source: taikonaught via Thingiverse)

Pregnancy is a time filled with joy and wonder, but it can also be a terrifying experience – just ask Rosemary Woodhouse. With that idea in mind, this 3D printed prop makes it look as if a demon baby is trying to crawl out from your belly. Just put the hands and face of this demon baby inside your shirt, and let the lighting do the rest.

  • Who designed it? taikonaught
  • How printable/popular is it? This model has 21 Makes on Thingiverse and it doesn’t require supports. The author recommends printing it with 20% infill.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse, Pinshape


Don't let it infect you!
Don't let it infect you! (Source: Ockhama via Thingiverse)

This Chestburster is from Alien (1979), and even if you’re not a fan of the movies, this would look gross and straight out of a horror film coming out of your chest. This design was actually remixed from another model to make the grip on your chest easier. The attachment is simple: You use some kind of belt, or in the author’s case a go-pro grip, to tie the Chestburster to your torso, cut a hole in your shirt, and then make it look as bloody as possible!

If you’re looking for the funny version, there’s also a design for the dancing alien from Spaceballs (1987).

  • Who designed it? Ekdahl
  • How printable/popular is it? The model has 15 Makes, it doesn’t need supports, and you can print it with low infill, although a good resolution is recommended to get all the details.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

Demonic Goat Wearable Helmet

You can be Baphomet and scare people
You can be Baphomet and scare people (Source: danielrojas via MyMiniFactory)

Goats are often related to witchcraft and demonic rituals. This can especially be seen in the Sabbatic Goat, referenced in the 1856 book Ritual of High Magic which, as the name indicates, was a book about dark magic. You can represent this demonic image on Halloween for the ultimate scares. You have to print this design in eight parts and glue it together, though it might take some post-processing to hide the joins.

  • Who designed it? Nickey’s Hatchery
  • How printable/popular is it? The demonic goat has 4,062 downloads and 4 community prints. To avoid too many supports, a low layer height is recommended, and to prevent lengthy printing times, an infill as low as possible.
  • Where to find it? MyMiniFactory


If you’re looking for projects that are a bit more ambitious, there are several good options here. These projects use LED lights and a bit of light electronics and wiring to make your creations come to life. In most cases, you’ll only need LEDs, wires, and a battery, so it’s not too difficult to make, but they will certainly make you and your costume stand out from the crowd.

Rawr! (Source: metalnat via Thingiverse)

This very ingenious design makes it possible to have a full costume with just a hoodie and some 3D printed parts. It consists of a collection of four different hollow spikes and the base for LED lights. You can print as many spikes as you choose, fit LED lights on the inside, and attach them to any hoodie or onesie!

  • Who designed it? metalnat
  • How printable/popular is it? This fun project has five Makes and three Remixes. To print it, you should use no infill and clear PLA so that the light shines through.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse


With the glasses you can see Nargles!
With these glasses you can see Nargles! (Source: PurpleOranji via Thingiverse)

In the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood is a unique character who’s curious, sure of herself, and kind. Many girls around the world like to cosplay her for Halloween, and when that’s the case, her special Spectrespecs can’t be missing.

This print takes the spectacles to the next level. They will shine red and blue, with moving lights, and certainly no one else will have similar ones. The only thing left to know is if you’ll be able to see Nargles with them!

  • Who designed it? PurpleOranji
  • How printable/popular is it? This model has no prints yet, but it has a YouTube tutorial you can follow to assemble the printed and electronic parts, so you can be the first to try it!
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

Wearable Arc Reactor

Iron Man's Arc Reactor
If only it could power up an Iron Man suit (Source: Yoshimura via Thingiverse)

Iron Man is one of the most popular Marvel superheroes – and superheroes in general. There are many attempts in the 3D printing community to recreate his suits, and in this case, the design is for his arc reactor. This is an electric generator that’s capable of powering his suits. Although this one doesn’t have that ability yet, you can still look like the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist himself.

  • Who designed it? MishaT
  • How printable/popular is it? This popular print has over 100 Makes in Thingiverse and 13 Remixes.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

Infinity Gaunlet

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be
Perfectly balanced, as all things should be (Source: MrValentine via Thingiverse)

At the moment, Thanos is probably one of the most recognizable fictional supervillains across the world. He’s a popular Halloween possibility, and one essential item you’ll need to look like him is his gauntlet. In this version, the stones go in casings that have holes in them to fit the wiring underneath. This makes it so that the stones can glow and look like the real Infinity Stones. But when you’re wearing it, please don’t snap your fingers!

  • Who designed it? Zarlor
  • How printable/popular is it? Eight people from the community have shared Makes. You need a glove to use as a base to assemble all the parts, supports are required, and 30% infill is recommended for a sturdy and durable gauntlet.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

Green Lantern's Lantern

Image of: 10. Green Lantern's Lantern
Green Lantern's Green Lantern (Source: Dragon_Ball_Z via Thingiverse)

Green Lantern may not have the best movie, but he’s a beloved character among comic fans, with a very recognizable look and set of powers. You might be surprised, but the superhero does indeed use a green lantern to fight crime, and if you print one for yourself, you could even try to join the Green Lantern Corps. Using glow-in-the-dark filament can be the way to go for a really cool effect, beyond that which can be given by the LEDs.

  • Who designed it? Dragon_Ball_Z
  • How printable/popular is it? This model has no Makes shared yet, but two people have shared Remixes so far. The lantern is about 40 cm tall and you should print it with no infill to save printing time and make the lights shine through. Additionally, supports are required.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse


Ultimately, Halloween is a holiday intended for kids. While adults stay in to hand out candy or watch scary movies, the kids are the ones who are out there doing the real work: trick-or-treating. So, in this last section, we’ve gathered some 3D printed Halloween costumes intended especially for kids, whether because of the size or the subject of the print.

Skull Mask

You can become the Grim Reaper!
You can become the Grim Reaper! (Source: via Pinshape)

There are many skull masks across the internet, but this mask has an original style, good quality, and it’s sized specifically for children. If an adult wanted to wear one, it would also be possible by scaling the print up, although it would probably be a matter of trial and error.

  • Who designed it?
  • How printable/popular is it? This model has been collected 36 times, although no community prints have been shared yet. You’ll need to drill holes in the mask to wear it, and although it doesn’t say so, by the looks of it, it might need supports.
  • Where to find it? Pinshape

Unicorn Mask

Finally, you can become a real unicorn
Finally, you can become a real unicorn (Source: VECTARY via Thingiverse)

One of the most popular creatures among children these days are unicorns. As many as you can fit into their daily lives, with backpacks, notebooks, pens, clothing, and, of course, Halloween costumes!

This mask is very simple but effective, with just a unicorn horn protruding from a plain mask. Since it’s so simple, it leaves a lot of freedom to decorate it, paint it, add accessories to it, and design a most unique unicorn.

  • Who designed it? VECTARY
  • How printable/popular is it? Seven Makes and two Remixes have been shared so far.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

Rey's Staff

Do you want to be the last Jedi?
Do you want to be the last Jedi? (Source: JediTrooper via Thingiverse)

From the newest Star Wars trilogy, Rey is an orphan who grew up in Jakku and doesn’t know where she came from or where to go. However, during her adventures, she discovers that she has the ability to control the Force. She has a very memorable look, which is made especially characteristic by her staff. Your Rey look wouldn’t be complete without it, so it’s great that this print is around.

  • Who designed it? JediTrooper
  • How printable/popular is it? This model has been printed 10 times, it doesn’t require supports, and 30% infill is recommended.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

Super Sailor Moon Wand

Moon prism power, make up!
Moon prism power, make up! (Source: biggdog36 via Thingiverse)

Sailor Moon is a classic, everyone knows it. Even those who haven’t read or watched it, know that it’s a manga series, with its anime version, about a high school girl and her friends, the Sailor Guardians, who try to save the Solar System from a variety of villains. To join them, though, you need your magical wand, and this print is a perfect version of it.

  • Who designed it? Sraf
  • How printable/popular is it? This model has seven prints and it needs supports.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

Golden Snitch

I open at the close
I open at the close (Source: SHANEDOR90 via Thingiverse)

Harry Potter is the youngest seeker in history! They don’t normally let first years join the team, so to be able to cosplay him properly, a golden snitch is a must. Print this golden snitch, win 150 points for your team, and get a shot at winning the match! With this golden snitch, you’re all set for a magical Halloween night.

  • Who designed it? Porda
  • How printable/popular is it? This highly popular model has 100 Makes and it’s very simple to print. You can print the three separate parts with no supports and glue them together, or you can print it all attached and with supports.
  • Where to find it? Thingiverse

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