Schematic Floor Plans


What format do Schematic Floor Plans come in? 

Each individual floor in the Floor Plan is delivered as a separate PNG and SVG file. We also provide a one-page PDF that combines all floors. 

Can I request other formats? 

Currently no. We only deliver PNG, SVG, and PDF files. 

What size are Schematic Floor Plan images? 

The default size for each of the PNG files is 2730 (width) x 2048 (height) pixels. 

Do Schematic Floor Plans include 360 views?

No. Schematic floor plans are created only from the scans in your space. Any 360º views you have in the model aren't included.

How accurate are Schematic Floor Plans? 

Provided measurements on Floor Plans (also known as linear measurements between opposing walls) are generally accurate to 2% of reality. That being said, we cannot guarantee this tolerance for all measurements and scanned environments. 

That's because measurement standards vary depending on the type of property and the surrounding locale - it's important to check your regional measuring standards to confirm that your Floor Plan is compliant. 

For more information about how measurements are taken, refer to the Schematic Floor Plans: Download, Sample Floor Plan, & Square Footage article.

Matterport FloorPlans are for illustrative purposes only. For more information, refer to the Best Practices for Schematic Floor Plans article. 

What's the RICS standard?

The RICS standard is a specific set of rules developed for companies globally. Essentially, it is a standardized rulebook designed to ensure assets and property are measured using consistent methods, across all organizations. 

Matterport adheres to these rules when measurements are taken in Showcase, or when you order a Floor Plan. 

You can read more about the RICS standard here

Can I remove the Matterport watermark? 

No, the watermark is appended to all Matterport Floor Plans. 

Can I request Floor Plans in another language? 

Matterport currently only supports English, though we are evaluating demand for other languages.

Does Matterport support any country-specific requirements?

We currently do not support country-specific requirements.